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We're Viking Esports Team

We help players have a better game experience. We provide fast, instant, secure & professional game service.


Welcome to Viking Esports LLC, a professional game boosting and accounts selling brand. Starting in 2013, with the purpose of bringing the most comfortable game experience to the players, we help thousands of people to achieve their dream. Along with the professional team, our goal is to provide the most professional service to all of our customers.

What We Are About


We've always thrive on being the top best site for each of gamer's problem. From Dota 2 to the upcoming CS2. We're the one that shape your gaming dream and desires to become a reality. And we couldn't do that without bringing value to our name and earn our customer's trust.


Customer's always our top priority, because without customer, there won't be VikingEsports up until today, that's why we always bring our best to help our customer and committed to the idea of going beyond finishing order since 2013.


There's no doubt that our services will always be taken seriously and carefully throughout our selected players. They've been train to appeal to the general rules of politeness and working closely with professionalism throughout the order to bring you the joy and excitement each time you see the notification pop up.

Meet the Team

Come to see us

Our Office in Vietnam

  • Professional: our service is always being provided with the most professional attitude.

  • Efficient: being efficient is essential, it's the best way to make a customer satisfied.

  • Safe: Safety is number one priority, we always prioritize safety when it comes to our service and accounts. All decisions are consulted by professional players and explained carefully to the customer.

  • Security: all customer data 100% secured with us, you never have to worry about your data when you come to us.

We’d Love to Work With You

Viking always open up to the possibly of welcoming newcomers, people that are passion about our line of work, we cannot overstate the important of passion can always burn high and bright to bring our vision to life, so if you think you got the skill, let us know!

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